Sacred Ink. The Art and Ritual of Tattooing


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 “Sacred Ink. The Art and Ritual of Tattooing” hosted by Alex and Allyson Grey 
Saturday 8pm -2 am July 21st  2012

with World Class Tattooists Including: 
Guy Aitchison, Michele Wortman, James Kern & Natan Alexander

730pm doors  -  8pm Artist talk 

10pm Live painting party with dance music by  Dryad

$25 online
; $30 at the door
- Live painting Party Only

$150** Workshop & dinner with Guy Aitchison, Michele Wortman,
Includes live painting party,  Sacred Ink. The Art and Ritual of Tattooing 
Click here for more info   ** Ticket available online only

  Guy Aitchison
(born 1968) is a renowned tattoo artist and a painter born in Michigan. Aitchison began painting album covers in 1985 and began tattooing in 1988. He has also released several books. He owns a studio called Hyper Space Studios with his wife, Michele Wortman, who is also a tattoo artist and painter. They were both on TLC's Tattoo Wars in 2007. He is the brother of former LA Ink TV personality, Hannah Aitchison. He was also a guest artist on LA Ink. He gave Rob Zombie his first tattoo in 1989.
  Guy was already in an apprenticeship at the Jacklich Corporation in the art department by age 17. After completing his apprenticeship he began painting record covers for Vinnie Moore, David Chastain, Apocrypha, Hex, Skatenigs, and mostly for California-based Srapnel Records. In 1989 he began a tattooing apprenticeship at Bob Oslon’s Custom Tattooing in Chicago for two years. He opened his own tattoo studio, Guilty & Innocent Productions, which remained a top standing shop until 1998 when it shut down so that he could move to the country to focus more on painting. Having tattoo work in magazines like Outlaw Biker, Tattoo Review, Skin Art, and also fine art books. Guy believes that tattooing is a very critical type of commercial art. Success or failure of any project has implications for the client, and forces an extra degree of dedication and flexibility on the part of the artist, and the clients’ participation helps maintain a flow of fresh images and ideas for the artist. On the other hand he says painting lacks all the traditional constraints of tattooing such as size, budget, pain tolerance, erase-ability, and the clients taste. It allows for experimentation, normally not recommended in tattooing, plus a chance to chase after obscure and specific personal notions with little commercial appeal. Due greatly to his clients he has been trusted to work on their skin almost freely and therefore he leaks his paintings over into his tattoos. His work generally focuses on natural geometry and organic structure, and all types of psychedelic & transcendental art. He believes this art form should be rendered as art pieces but doesn’t know whether or not they actually ever will.

Michele Wortman
"I enjoy working in many mediums. Photography, tattooing, painting and writing music are large parts of my artistic focus and output. As varied as they may seem, they all spawn from the creative force within me. I find that being versatile in how I apply myself artistically helps me to maintain a fresh perspective as well as to visualize and express composition on many levels."

James Kern
was born in St. Louis, Missouri and attended high school at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School. After graduating in 1990, he attended both the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan and the University of Missouri in Columbia, Missouri before settling at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. After three years at SAIC he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Fine Art in 1995. James started tattooing while at the Art Institute in 1994. Self-taught, he worked on friends in his spare time while working coloring comic books. In 1996, answering an ad in the paper, James was hired at Milios Salon as a tattoo artist. While at Milios, he worked with Jason Leisge (now at Infinity Tattoo in Portland, Oregon) and then his brother Tim Kern. While at Milios James expanded his knowledge of the art of tattoo by talking with and observing other talented tattoo artists in the area such as Guy Aitchison (to who he owes a great debt to for his openness and encouragement), Jason Leisge, Kim Saigh, Ben Wahhh, later Jon Clue, and also his brother Tim who was apprenticing at Dreamcatchers in Columbia, Missouri. In 1999, he participated in a tattoo demonstration at University of Illionois-Chicago as part of a lecture series celebrating body art. After approximately three years at Milios, it was time for a change and James and Tim moved to No Hope No Fear (formerly owned and operated by David Kotker) in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. His work has won numerous awards at tattoo conventions and has been published in many tattoo magazines, as well as feature articles in Tattoo Magazine (August 1998) and Skin Art #70, Tattoo Society #4, Skin and Ink, Tattoo Flash and (most recently) Northwest Tattoo Magazine- as well as magazines in Germany, France, Mexico and Japan. In 2004, James self-published his book “Advanced cover-ups for tattooists” which is now out of print. A new edition of the book is in the works. After moving to Portland, Oregon in 2004, he worked with Nate Hudson, Tracy Faraca, Pedro Dorsey and Tim Jordan at Optic Nerve Arts. James is currently tattooing in Portland, Oregon at No Hope No Fear (opened in 2007) with Rachel Gilbert, and working tattoo conventions as well as guest tattooing at shops around the country.

Natan Alexander
tattoos at his two shops, Witch City Ink in Salem Massachusetts and Lightwave Tattoos in Saugus Mass. He also produces the Boston Tattoo Convention, now in its 11th year. He has been tattooing since 1993, and helped to re-legalize tattooing in Massachusetts. His tattoos are influenced by a lifelong interest in anthropology, comparative religion, and studies in the occult. As an artist and craftsman, he views each tattoo as an opportunity for the artist and wearer of the art to tune in to the sacred. Within the framework of such consciousness, tattooing embraces true ritual, transforming both the giver and the receiver in an alchemical process as old as time. Tattoos = Transformation

$25 online; $30 at the door

CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 46 Deer Hill Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 - click here for directions


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