Burning Man 2012




August 27th - September 3rd 2012

Camp with Alex and Allyson Grey, at Area 51, 2G

Camp Fee: $300

Showers. Restrooms cleaned twice a day

Two meals a day. vegan and meat options

DJs, Fire dancers, Live painting... and more

For details contact David Morris

"edavidmorris" <[email protected]>,

Burning Man 2012 Schedule
Alex Grey and Allyson Grey

Wednesday -- August 29th

    Hang out with Area 51

Thursday --

    3:30 - 6pm --     Live model drawing workshop at Area 51
    10pm -- ** Cosmic Creativity: How Art Evolves Consciousness*
                followed by Art Psalms in Area 51 Dome
    11pm -- 2am -- Live painting on Area 51 Stage

Friday -- August 31st

    2pm -3pm Palenque Norte **** -- Psychedelic Family Business
    7pm – 9pm Fractal Nation ******** -- Why Visionary Art Matters
    10pm -- Art Psalms on Area 51 stage
    11pm -2am -- Live painting on Area 51 stage

Saturday -- September 1st

    Day free
    Burn with Area 51 bus.
    Live painting at Area 51 After Burn party.

Sunday -- September 2nd

    Day free

    Before Temple Burn -- Officiate wedding (Early evening)
    Temple Burn with Area 51 bus

Monday -- September 3rd

    Early departure

Area 51 Dome

Thursday, August 30th 10pm
Cosmic Creativity and How Art Evolves Consciousness

Creativity is an evolving cosmic force, the spark that activates inspired action. Pyramids, ancient stone circles, and temples were all built in alignment with the heavens. Through modern technology and space programs, science is peering into the depths of the universe and mysteriously reconnecting us to our origins. It is called for to imagine how we can live as a sustainable community, as a Net of Beings. How are we going to co-evolve to save life on earth? See artwork created to transform our ways of experiencing oneness with the web of life.

Palenque Norte talk

Friday, August 31st 2-3pm
Psychedelic Family Business

Alex and Allyson will share their perspective on conscious business collaboration in the light of psychedelic awakening. How do partners in love and business  divide responsibilities, negotiate differences, allocate authority? What are the three steps used by all successful manifesters? Ask Alex and Allyson your questions about right livelihood with the third eye opened.  

Fractal Nation talk -- Alex Grey and Allyson Grey

Friday, August 31st 7:30pm
Why Visionary Art Matters

The most healing and life affirming event a person can have is the visionary mystical experience. There are proven and reliable methods of accessing mystical states through psychedelics. A new kind of sacred art is emerging from those who have imbibed the sacrament, journeyed to the inner heavens and then brought their revelations back to share with the community through works of art. Learn seven ways that visionary art matters and how art evolves consciousness in this illustrated exploration of visionary art.


NeonCRM by Neon One