Visionary Salon: with Vibrata Chromadoris


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Visionary Salon:
Tessellation Fascination with Vibrata Chromadoris

hosted by Alex & Allyson Grey

July 18th, 2015,  3 - 10 pm     

Online -  $65  /  Door - $75


Tessellation Fascination

What do a beehive, a wall in a turkish bath, crystallography and M. C. Escher all have in common? Tessellations!
Appearing in art for thousands of years, repeating and tiling patterns have an almost hypnotic effect, perhaps suggesting infinity or the nature of the passage of time. They can be very simple, like square tiles on a kitchen floor, to very complex mosaics like those found in Islamic art, or the Alhambra in Spain. Escher is perhaps the best know graphic artist to use tessellations in his drawings, prints and sculpture.




In my workshop we’ll look at images of tessellations in both nature and in art, and talk about the different mathematical types of tessellations. I’ll show some examples of how I’ve used tessellations in my own paintings and sculptures. Then we’ll try our hand at creating images using simple cutting and pasting techniques.

Prepare to be fascinated!

About Vibrata Chromadoris


Originally from Ontario, Canada, Vibrata's intermedia paintings, installations and digital work have been seen in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Chicago and as far away as Turkey, Portugal and Japan.

Vibrata was given her name during a meditation in 1998. Along with the name she was shown a vision of waves of energy, undulating and expanding infinitely in all directions as a continuum. It was the triggering event for a profound change in her work.

Her images include elements of symmetry and rhythmic patterning, geometry and the use of beguiling perceptual distortions. She is an intermedia artist, seamlessly blending computer design with traditional acrylic-on-canvas techniques. Her recent 3D work incorporates CNC techniques with wood and plastics.

"I am distilling the essence of my subjects into their most basic energy patterns. The formal properties of each piece inform through metaphor of the nature of movement and change. This is an exploration of the infinitely divisible; Existence as a continuum."

Vibrata is a twelve-time veteran of the Burning Man festival, held every year in Nevada, participating with her own art installations and contributing to the Connexus Cathedral and Entheon Village in 2006, the Institute in 2011 and 2012 and Nexus in 2013. In recent years she has joined the vanguard helping to bridge the gap between the artist and viewer by painting live at multimedia events. As a lecturer and presenter, Vibrata was featured at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco for the Mind States conference, at CoSM gallery in NYC in 2005 and Bicycle Day in San Francisco in 2012. She has been featured in such publications as the Entheogen Review, the CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture, and the Elfintome Visionary Arts Collective Catalogues.




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