Art as Prayer with Randal Roberts


  • $315.00



Art as Prayer

with Randal Roberts

June 3rd - 5th, 2015

Workshop - $250

Registration Price - $315 (meals included)

Early Bird - $215 (sold out!)



Art as Prayer

Join us for a 3-day intensive workshop exploring art as prayer, in the soothing setting of Alex and Allyson Grey’s visionary art sanctuary. Being alive and simply existing in the universe is a profound circumstance - one which we all currently find ourselves in. In this class, we’ll look at various ways in which people throughout human culture have used art to express and relate to the curious place where their own living consciousness intersected with the infinite. Through discussion and simple drawing exercises, participants will be encouraged to develop a unique and personal artistic language; to contemplate using art as a meditation and and way of enhancing a connection to the deeper self.

Participants will create several drawings, which can be further developed into paintings if desired. There will be an “open studio” period  - as well as developing our drawing exercises, here you are very welcomed & encouraged to bring current artwork-in-progress from home to continue working on and share with the class. Open studio will also be a casual forum to discuss specific painting techniques, making a living as an artist, and 1 on 1 consultation.

"Portrait of Alan Watts" by Randal Roberts

* Course will be assisted by artist Morgan Mandala.

Morgan Mandala live painting at Gratifly Arts & Music Festival 2015


"Solstice" by Randal Roberts & Morgan Mandala


    •    Drawing tools - pens (recommended), pencils, colored pencils, kneadable eraser
    •    Paper (11x14 + larger)
    •    Sketchbook / journal
    •    A painting / drawing from home, to work on during open session;  + paints & brushes, etc
               * (acrylic paint is advised as it travels easier / provides for those sensitive to chemicals)
    •    A portfolio and/or finished painting, to share with the group

“Sir Frederic Leighton – Flaming June (Remix)” by Randal Roberts


Day 1  - Wednesday, June 3rd

12pm - 3pm - Arrival & check in. Please arrive by 2pm.
3 - 4pm  -  Introduction / Welcome circle
4  - 6pm  -  Drawing exercises / Meditation
6 - 7pm - Dinner
7:30  - 9pm  - Slideshow on “Art as Prayer” / Slideshow on Randal Roberts’ work
9 - 11pm - Open studio  

Day 2  -  Thursday, June 4th:

9:30 am - 12:30 - visualization / reading, drawing exercises
1pm - 2pm - Lunch
2:30 - 5:30pm - open studio (+ mystery slideshow & exercises)
6pm - 7pm - Dinner
7:30 - 11pm - Open studio

Day 3 -  Friday, June 5th:

10am - 12:30pm - share time / discussion, closing circle  


"Fawkes" by Randal Roberts


Workshop Leader

Randal Roberts

Randal Roberts is an internationally recognized self-taught painter. Having identified as an artist his whole life, at the age of 30 he was inspired to at last quit the factory job to dedicate himself to art full time after meeting Alex and Allyson Grey. After a yearlong soul-searching road trip across the U.S., Randal found a community at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, where he lived and worked for seven years. During this time, he began building a body of artwork fusing various wisdom traditions, iconic symbolism, and profound personal experiences and relationships with the flow of ornamental design. Since then, he has become a celebrated live-performance and studio painter. The organic sensibility and attention to detail in Randal's paintings reveal his intuitive direction to "emphasize what you love about each brushstroke."   He has lived in the beautiful NY Hudson Valley, the beloved San Francisco Bay, and is currently based in Boulder, CO.


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