Full Moon Workshop: Becoming Legendary


  • $65.00




Becoming Legendary
with Luba Sarawati Evans- Zion

September 6th, 2014 3 - 6 PM

Admission - $65 online/ $75 at the door
(Includes workshop, dinner, and entry to Full Moon Gathering)

Becoming Legendary - Life Purpose Activation, Harvest, and Leadership
Tribute to Lakshmi, Gaia, Pachamama

During this workshop we will develop prosperity consciousness for full activation of your life purpose, and the manifestation of your own legacy. When we are confident in our mission and aligned with the universal plan we become magnets, armed with the power to attract what we need. If we are connected with our heart, our life force, our sensuality, our lightness, and even pleasure, we can steer the passage into abundance gracefully and become a beacon of light of a new kind. Our life becomes a life of joyful service and pleasure as we start to lead with softness and passionate vision - the goddess way. We will be clarifying goals and dreaming awake the new earth. We will place you in the center of this awakening, within your unique alignment as an evolved being, serving your growing community with your special gifts.

"Lakshmi" by Unknown Artist

Firmly grounded in the present, connected to the healthy roots and growing for the future, with the help of Lakshmi we will make a commitment to the path of radiance and abundance for our Earth Body, Gaia. We will learn how to manifest our plans and desires in the greater world, to address the powerful networks of consciousness that rules our times and to set our projects up for success.

1. Harvesting the Ecstasy of Goddess Energy

2. Coming into unbounded Charisma and Radiance

3. Activation of your Life Purpose

4. Setting Realistic Goals: Edge Plan and Hedge Plan

5. Committing to your Legacy


Luba Sarawati Evans-Zion is a visionary and internationally known lecturer and tantra teacher. Luba is the founder of Galiana Meditation Retreat and Theater and Divine Feminine Arts Program - entities that reflect her vision of personal growth, liberation, return of divine feminine, sacred union of feminine and masculine, connection to the source and the idea of living the life as a spiritual practice, a life of service. Luba's earned her MS from the Tisch School of The Arts, New York University. She is a Reiki master, and has studied tantra, yoga, dance, massaage, NLP, and healing around the world. Her extensive education includes Herzen Teacher’s University, St. Petersburg, Russia, the Source School of Tantra, Hawaii, the Osho Ashram, India, a Massage Certificate, St. Petersburg Russia, the International Academy of Consciousness, Ispalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Teacher Training, and much more. Luba speaks english, russian and spanish and loves to cook holistic gourmet food based on raw cooking secrets and ayurvedic principles.





Published Writing

7 Ways to Turn Your Life into a Masterpiece (At The Edge Magazine, 2014, Self-Love Master, Positive Impact Magazine)

Saraswati on Tantra, Puna, India. 2009

On Being and Nothingness, Manifesto, Mahaleshwar Mntn, India. 2009

Interactive Theater as Spiritual Practice, Boston, MA. 2012

Healing The Broken Heart, E-Book. 2010

Meditation Made Easy, E-Book. 2012


The CoSM Shop and the Mushroom Cafe will be open.

Rooms are available for rent in Grey House, CoSM's fully renovated Visionary Victorian guest house.

Many originals and reproductions of Alex Grey & Allyson Grey's artwork are on display in the guest house.

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