Visionary Salon: Consciousness - A Journey to the Edge of the Human Mind


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Visionary Salon: Consciousness -
A Journey to the Edge of the Human Mind

with  Tony Wright

Saturday, August 16th, 2014     3-6pm  -  7-10pm

Full Day Ticket  $65 / $75 at the door

Evening Only - $15 Online/$20 at the Door (click here)

Event Schedule:

3pm - Day Session Workshop: Consciousness; A Journey to the Edge of the Human Mind 
6pm - Break for dinner
6:30 - Doors open for night session
7pm - Evening Session Begins

Consciousness; A Journey to the Edge of the Human Mind

Day Session

An investigation into the evolution of the human brain. Our unique symbiotic relationship with specialised plant development environments (fruit) and the origins of our highly advanced neural system.

Our unique physiology and extraordinary perceptual equipment (our brain) was not exclusively or even primarily the result of classic adaptive selection.

Our DNA and the ‘primitive’ survival orientated asymmetric neural structures it always builds were immersed and hot housed in the most chemically complex developmental environment in the whole of biological evolution.

It took the combined molecular engineering power of many tens of the most advanced biochemical factories (flowering plants) that own hormonally rich developmental environments (fruit) to do the job.

The convergence of their advanced biochemical ‘know how’ all focused in one place was necessary to design, construct and operate the most complex piece of molecular engineering we know, our own neural system.

Symbiotic evolution at the developmental level, an exceptionally rare phenomena and totally unique in evolutionary history so not exactly surprising that what emerged was correspondingly rare, phenomenal and totally unique.


Evening Session

A journey to the edge of the human mind. Exposing the delusion we inevitably mistake for reality

Ancient mythology, mystical and philosophical traditions tell us our perception is seriously limited and we are psychologically deluded. In effect our lens of perception has become distorted creating a sense of separation from our true essence.

Modern science tells us we are at the peak of evolution, our rational mind has highly advanced traits and abilities, yet some bizarre anomalies exist in the scientific literature. For example, the dominant side of our brain does not perceive reality directly and is limited to inventing concepts or approximations; it also continuously confabulates (lies) without realizing it.

Intriguingly there is increasing evidence that our own hormones are responsible for retarding the structural development of our brain, or at least the side of our brain that is in charge.


Tony Wright studied at Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, and when preparing a short dissertation entitled ‘The Genetic Manipulation of Plants’ the subconscious seeds of a revolutionary new theory were sown in his mind. Over the next 20 years a mixture of scientific curiosity and radical self-experimentation resulted in the development of a simple idea that explains the emergence of increasingly anomalous traits in human evolution. From the rapid and accelerating expansion of our large brain to the mysteries of our mind and the origins of spiritual practice he has developed a new context in which we may understand who we are and has provided a framework for the reunification of the academic and spiritual science of consciousness.

Working independently and alone, the fruits of his labour are only now beginning to reach a wider audience through the recent publication of ‘Left in the Dark’, despite the major practical and philosophical implications initial reaction has been exceptionally favourable. Tony is now focused on bringing this modern translation of very ancient wisdom into mainstream culture in the hope that it may help provide a way out of the self-imposed madness we currently mistake as normality.











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