Summer Solstice Celebration 2014


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CoSM Summer Solstice Celestial Celebration 2014

Saturday, June 21st - 8pm - 3am

Tickets - $50




7:30 - Doors Open
8pm - Opening Ceremony with Alex & Allyson
9:30 - Ceremony Ends - Celebration begins
10pm - Dance Music, Live Painters, Fire Performers, etc.
3am - End of the 2014 Summer Solstice Celebration



Complex soundscapes turn to glitch, break then flow; psychedelic sound infusions leak straight to the brain. Whitebear has a particular addiction to mangling samples into twisted sounds, coupling and contrasting them with infectious arpeggiations, and finally setting the mood in stone with an earthy, groovy, bass. Of late, an organic, tribal influence is starting to emerge from the glitches, allowing the listener to tune in and vibe out on dance floor, stirring up something familiar and primal within, whilst revealing new environments. The listener is taken on a journey, but free to explore the vast expanse of intangible space between the frequencies and synapses. What happens in that space, in that darkness, is an immersive experience limited only by your own imagination.

Whitebear is the result of Arthur Song's love of evolving soundscapes, groovy basslines and interesting sound design. The amalgamation of tribal and futuristic elements has presented new territory for Whitebear to explore, and Enig'matik Records has been the platform from which he has launched himself, head-first, into the beautifully complex world of electronic music.

Fresh off the festival circuit in Australia, Whitebear has had the honour to play the Eclipse 2012 Festival and feature on the bill alongside greats such as Kaminanda, Kalya Scintilla, Desert Dwellers, Bird of Prey, Gibson and many more. Whitebear's music and performances are driven by the intention of self-exploration and expression, and is fuelled by the enticement of overwhelming and beautiful discoveries.

Whitebear has only just begun his journey, and is constantly learning and evolving- as one should.



Quanta is determined to share his passion for making music for the soul purpose of enjoyment and experience. Born in Newtown, Wales he has been producing music for over 18 years, working with record labels such as Hustle Recordings, Whoop! Records, Dirtyblue Records, and Cuba Recordings. He has also been playing bass, keyboards and guitar for as long as he can remember. This project has been influenced by sounds from, Interchill, TwistedMusic, Bluetech and Ott. Since 2010, he has been working on his project ‘Akasha Experience’ alongside co-producer Babak Rezvani, in his studio in Cornwall (Southwest).The pair have released with ‘Freespirit Records’, ‘Dubmission Records’ and with ‘Audio Aashram” . Quanta has releases with 'Enig'matik Records', 'Dubmission Records' and 'Addictech Records'. The ‘Quanta’ project is a new and exciting solo project bringing you music that combines various worldwide influences, with the results culminating in down-tempo, glitchy, psychedelic chilled-out dub. Enjoy!!



Jake Penn, known as Mumukshu, is a young auditory artist making strides in the underground glitch community. Originally from Minneapolis, he resides in Los Angeles and is caught dripping bass all along the West Coast.At just 21 years old, Jake’s music is an impressive mix of sticky, psychedelic glitch with grounding organic influence. Integrating deep, lucid bass lines with dark melodic texture, he stimulates a variety of emotions and senses. Currently attending California Institute of the Arts, Jake is affiliated with Merkaba Music, Enig’matik Records and delivers fresh frequencies that can be heard around the world.



Behind the face of Akasha lie two individuals, both determined to share their love of deep, psychedelic music with the world. Between them they play bass, saxophone, guitar and flute Since 2010 the pair have been working together in the Southwest, producing music that combines various worldwide influences, with the results culminating in trippy, downtempo, psychedelic chilled-out dub. To date, Akasha have worked with Mode-One Records, releasing the VA Compilation‘Aeriform’ and ‘Yead to Give’ EP also with Dubmission records contributing to the VA Compilation ‘The Next Mission: Part One’. Akasha have also released an EP with Audio Aashram, another EP with Freespirit Records, and another EP was released in February 2013 with 'Dubmission' into the web.




The Galactic Effect

Bringing in a cinematic twist to Electronic music, the sounds and performances of The Galactic Effect blend many different realms and styles into one stellar glue. His sound crafting technique incorporates vibrant synthesizers and future bass, with orchestral vibes, strings, and other world elements.Arranging music which defies all barriers, genre’s and labels, creating in constant change and movement,leaving the audience curious for the next possibility plucked out of the infinite spectrum of the auditory universe.

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"Morph N' Hop" Music Video:



CoSM, Boston


Alex Grey & Allyson Grey  -


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Collyn Gold
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Joness Jones




Olga Klimova
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Outdoor Live Airbrush Painting

John Shook and Alysa Sheats


 Interactive Art Project with Eileen Rose and Mike Garger



Deciduous Pupils



The PufferDome: The Starwood Festival's inflatable, hemispherical nightclub, facilitated by Waking Dream, and equipped with 360 degree video projection, a great sound system, and multi-media capability. It's 40 feet across, folks! This Ship of Bliss State will be making an appearance at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors for the Summer Solstice and then she heads home to the Starwood Festival. NAMASTE
Brought to CoSM by Waking Dream and The Gossamer Court

WizArt Visions



Fayzah Fire is a multidisciplinary international performer. Her own “World + Street Styles Dance Method©” blends elements of  World Dance styles, Popping, Waving, Hip Hop, & Groove theory. She is an accredited Tribal-Fusion dancer, Fire performer, Argentine Tango dancer, innovator of Tango-Bellydance Fusion, and DJ. She also works with healing arts & trance dance, & is influenced by ocean creatures, (both real and fantasy).
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CoSM Fire Tenders


The CoSM Store and the Mushroom Cafe will be open.

Rooms are available  for rent  in Grey House, CoSM's fully renovated Visionary Victorian guest house.

The artwork of Alex Grey & Allyson Grey plus many other visionary artists are on display in the guest house.

CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 46 Deer Hill Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 click here for directions

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