Deities & Demons Masquerade 2014


  • $40.00




CoSM Deities & Demons Masquerade 2014

Saturday, October 25th - 8pm - 3am

Admission - $50 at the door

$40 online



7:30 - Doors Open
8pm - Opening Ceremony with Alex & Allyson
9:30 - Ceremony Ends - Celebration begins
10pm - Dance Music, Live Painters, Fire Performers, etc.
3am - End of Deities and Demons Masquerade



Andrei Olenev first emerged as HEYOKA on the San Francisco underground glitch/bass scene. Soon, he was touring extensively and quickly became a staple sound in the rapidly growing bass music scene of North America. With a constantly evolving, original style, he stood out amongst bass music producers as one who keeps the vibe going strong while venturing to explore new realms of sonic experience. Playing always live sets of his own original tracks, his music has been described as a journey through fractal soundscapes and alternate realms while riding the waves of fat glitch beats and earth rumbling sub bass.

In “Dub Iteration,” Andrei’s newest album and first official release as Andreilien, he revisits the dubby vibe of some of the earlier Heyoka releases with a newer fatter twist. Further expanding artistic horizons, Andrei has been continually working to develop a multimedia project with original Visionary and 3D art to create full sensory fractal journey in a dimension of its own.




Refusing the confinement of any single genre, Gladkill captivates audiences with sounds that span a diverse musical landscape. Stacked with a vast catalog of songs
that range from dance-floor-dominating sexy kinetic club beats, to deep and captivating downtempo/melodic material that works just as comfortably on the home

Gladkill sits deftly between the sheets of ethereal melodies and silky basslines while embracing a heavy emphasis on songwriting and structure. In an era where disposable dance music is big business, Gladkill rises above the fray and aims to make music that will stand the test of time.



Soulacybin is the product of an insatiable appetite for music and the need to create and share it with the World. Jamaican Dub aesthetics and electronic soundscapes meld into heart-felt music crafted with care and love. Live guitar and melodic synths combined with mid-tempo beats and throbbing basslines transport listeners to a place of pure emotive sound, stimulating the live club dancefloor or an introspective auditory journey. Music for the Heart, from the Heart. All original music influenced by traditional Dub aesthetics with a focus on modern midtempo sensibilities, equally suited for the Body, Mind, and Heart.

"Thoughtfully crafted psydub layered with an electric guitar that could sole-handedly pack your mind’s bags and take it on vacation to that place you want to be, you know the one I mean. Whether you’re trying to dance your hardest or relax your hardest, if you’re a fan of experimental electronic music then there’s a time and a place for Soulacybin in your regular rotation." -





Agent Adam Apollo

Adam Apollo has created and guided large ceremonial productions and performed alongside festival and conference headliners as a DJ and dancer, fluid in movement and precise in expression.
As a professional DJ he goes by “Agent Adam Apollo,” weaving beautiful compilations of tracks across genres of Downtempo, DubStep, Progressive Trance/Breaks, and Drum & Bass.  He aligns the energy of sound to the vibration of space to enhance the existing environment, or shifts it toward greater celebration, peace, harmony, and joy.  A major player in the east coast electronica movement between 2000 and 2007 as a DJ, Producer, Promoter, & Club Owner, he has landed on the music scene again, and has been featured as a headliner in recent events across North America.

Jon Ohia




CoSM, Boston

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Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

I Alex Grey Official  Allyson Grey Official I

Photo by Kyer Wiltshire Photography

Caren Charles

"Resurrection of the Hummingbird" by Caren Charles
Caren Charles Designs

Jeremie Zook

Jeremie live painting at CoSM
Jeremie Zook Art

Joness Jones

Joness live painting at Rootwire 2013 in Ohio
Joness Jones

Martin & Carl Bridge

Martin and Carl live painting at CoSM
Bridge Brothers

Seth Leibowitz

"Ecuadorian Shaman" by Seth Leibowitz
Seth Leibowitz Art

Tariq Sabur

Tariq Sabur Art

Lauren Toohey




Deciduous Pupils



Sculpture Installation

John Shook


The Puffer Dome


Dance Performance


Kathryn June Amorastreya, also known as “Ka”, was born and raised in the high plains of West Texas, where the bleak landscape allowed her young imagination to run wild.  She was always finding ways to creatively express herself from a young age. Her passion and purpose was ignited when she began studying healing arts, where she discovered the power of healing, and the beauty in helping people improve their quality of life. She worked as a massage therapist for ten years, and sought ways to incorporate this love for healing into her artistic expressions. She began working with natural elements, merging animal medicines and earthen treasures into ceremonial tools, costume and adornment. She developed her expressive talents in the performance arts, by studying and performing martial arts, Middle Eastern and fire dance. 

Ka then embarked on a monumental journey as she constructed her exquisite, white wings and feathered regalia, and took flight. She now resides in the Bay Area of California, where she continues painting, dancing, creating as much beauty in the world as possible. She has danced and offered her art at events and galleries internationally since 2002. Ka is also a founding director of the Visionary Arts Foundation, and her work has been featured in a number of publications, including US Elle magazine, Paris Vogue magazine, and The Rolling Stone online magazine.

 Ka’s mission is to create and embody a loving reflection that gazes back into the heart of humanity, illuminating the beauty within the beholder. She hopes her art will remind us all of our innate ability to love and heal ourselves, each other, and our world, while inspiring us to create the beauty we wish to see, so that we may walk in Heaven while our feet still touch the Earth. 





CoSM Fire Tenders


The CoSM Store and the Mushroom Cafe will be open.

Rooms are available  for rent  in Grey House, CoSM's fully renovated Visionary Victorian guest house.

The artwork of Alex Grey & Allyson Grey plus many other visionary artists are on display in the guest house.

CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 46 Deer Hill Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 click here for directions


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