CoSM Winter Solstice Celestial Celebration 2014


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CoSM Winter Solstice Celestial Celebration 2014

Saturday, December 20th - 8pm - 3am




7:30 - Doors Open
8pm - Opening Ceremony with Alex & Allyson
9:30 - Ceremony Ends - Celebration begins
10pm - Dance Music, Live Painters, Fire Performers, etc.
3am - End of the 2014 Winter Solstice Celebration



Santa Cruz producer G Jones has captivated young audiences across North America with his playful and expansive take on broken beat dance music. His live show weaves an ever expanding catalog of heavy knocking hip hop beats, cross-genre experiments, and expansive melodic riffs in a way that illuminates and drives the dance floor. With his irreverent attitude toward unimaginative EDM, this young producer pushes the envelope and blurs the lines between musical styles while maintaining a meticulous balance of minimal space and heavy bass.

With his latest release, Ring The Alarm (Saturate Records), G Jones follows up his acclaimed 2013 release, Eyes, with nine new genre-defying tracks featuring an all-star cast of collaborators including: Minnesota, Doshy, and Mad Zach. With surprises at every turn, G Jones deftly blurs lines between trap, beat music, dubstep and hip-hop to create something fresh and unexpected.
This is music for sound systems; hard-hitting beats designed to turn the dance floor on its head with meticulous arpeggios, bombastic horn blasts, soaring melodies, and sub bass explosions that have already made their way into the live sets of legendary artists such as DJ Shadow.

G Jones has recently garnered attention from several highly acclaimed producers including Bassnectar, with his beats appearing in mixes by Pretty Lights, Zeds Dead and DJ Shadow on BBC’s “Diplo and Friends” program. After tearing up the North American touring circuit this summer, with appearances at festivals such as Coachella, Lightning In A Bottle, What The Festival and Shambhala (Canada), G Jones continues to generate music dosed with an undeniable sense of freedom and fun moving into Fall 2014, with a forthcoming track on the next SMOG compilation due in September, and a full touring schedule that will bring him across the US and Canada.




Russ Liquid is the future-vintage groove-blasting maestro who has stirred the souls and minds of the electronic music world. Renowned for his ingenious compositional approach, this cosmic virtuoso and imprints a prophetic musical experience on his audiences. He detonates explosive beatscapes, seamlessly adding flourishes of instrumental color and emotion; while drawing from an endlessly diverse sonic palette. In just a short time, Mr. Liquid has developed a reputation for radiating a sonic supernova of genre-bending beats on the dancefloor, captivating audiences with passionate live instrumental performances across the U.S. and beyond. His dynamic, multi-instrumental, experience has already been unleashed on some of the most innovative music events and festivals around the globe including: Coachella Music Festival, Electric Forest, Northcoast Music Festival, WTF?! (What the Festival) Lightning In A Bottle, Snowglobe Music Festival, Symbiosis Gathering, Shambhala (Canada), Synthesis Festival (Mexico), Envision Festival (Costa Rica), Eclipse Festival (Australia). Russ broke musical boundaries and transcended expectations in 2013 with Foreign Frequency, his debut full length album on STS9‘s 1320 Records. With that release he transported listeners on an inter-dimensional adventure to the deepest circles of his musical universe, steering audiences into an expansive world of visceral beats, laced with spiraling instrumental accompaniments, and adorned with melodies that only a masterful improvisationalist could manifest. This year, Russ Liquid continues to lead listeners deeper into robust sonic landscapes all across the globe alongside Gramatik on his Spring Tour across the U.S. and Europe. Russ’ sonic adventures 2014 begin with the release of his latest Album, In Love, available now on Gramatik’s groundbreaking new label Lowtemp.



Space Jesus is the mind-spawn of Brooklyn NY based electronic music producer Jasha Tull. Fueled by bass and inspired by the intangible, Space Jesus is consistently driven by the urge to create future-based music. Born and raised in New Jersey, Jasha's firm roots in Hip-Hop are apparent in most of his productions. With a focus on bass-line synthesis, hard hitting beats, and psychedelia, Jasha explores a range of genres and tempos with a consistently urban feel.
Beginning in 2010 Jasha created an ever-evolving experience as Space Jesus. Less than a year later, he released his debut self titled 'Space Jesus EP', quickly developing a loyal fan- base throughout the Northeast. It wasn't until the 2012 release of 'PLANiTS' on San Francisco based MalLabel Music that his popularity spread to the West Coast. Soon after, Jasha began working with Rob Uslan, also known as Supersillyus, on a new psychedelic project named Schlang. Do Androids Dance called their debut EP 'Little Information Deposits' one of the best intelligent psychedelic bass records of 2013".
Known for his energetic live performances, Space Jesus recently toured the West Coast on the Road To Sonic Bloom Tour with Janover, The Malah and Kaminanda. He's also been handpicked to support Big Gigantic, Zeds Dead, Conspirator and Rusko, to name a few. Consistently progressing and expanding his knowledge of production and synthesis, he's become a mainstay of the East Coast festival community having performed at Lights All Night, Camp Bisco, Gratifly, Rootwire, and the Dubstep Music Awards.



Schlang is the pseudo-scientific meta-music brainfruit of Supersillyus & Space Jesus.
The two producers, who have recently relocated to Brooklyn, teamed up to create unique music by knitting time into a sweater and lighting it on fire.

Their début release, “Little Information Deposits” takes the listener on an aggressive and beautifully perplexing journey with highly stylized production.
Their live sets are organized chaos at its finest, using a variety of instruments and guest performers. Each song serves up a multitude of inventive elements.




Esseks (Sam Eckstein) is a Brooklyn based producer and artist who creates emotionally driven electronic music and art. He plays guitar and also produces for the band Technicolor Lenses. Since the release of his first solo effort Hair and Nails in April 2012, Esseks has shared the stage with range of artists including EXMAG, Ott & The All-Seeing I, An-Ten-Nae, D.V.S*, LowRIDERZ, Govinda, Skytree, Space Jesus, Supersillyus, and Dynasty Electric . He has also had the pleasure of performing at Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. His music is influenced by a variety of styles from J Dilla inspired hip-hop beats to heavy bass fueled dubstep to house and even blues and swing. The diverse elements of his music are tied together with Esseks’ subtle but instantly recognizable aesthetic.




DJEDi (pronounced "Jedi") is a San Francisco based DJ/producer, owner of the sacred geometry crystal-infused clothing line “Original Language,” and co-founder of a conscious living collective, called “The Center SF”– a community space for education, healing, and special events.

Originally from New York, he was consumed and inspired by West Coast electronic artists upon moving to California in 2009. With an educational background in philosophy, religion, cosmology and consciousness, he has learned to see the world through a geometric vibrational framework, making music a powerful tool for transformative experiences of body, mind and spirit.
Spending countless hours meticulously selecting only the finest quality tunes, delivering to the dance floor a genre of music described as “Laser Soul.” That is, bass music with each track having its own personality, character and emotive quality weaved together into a truly captivating sound experience. By bringing together his laser soul beats, Original Language and ability to teach Unified Field Theory workshops, DJEDi is quickly making himself an essential member of festivals, events and beyond.

In the legends from ancient Egypt, it is said that a group of awakened beings incarnated on planet Earth to help assist in the transformation of consciousness at critical moments in history. They were referred to as, the “D’Jed” meaning “Pillar.” The “D’Jedi” are the carriers of the Pillars of Light, who activate the collective consciousness of humanity through intention, integrity and compassion.



CoSM, Boston


Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

Photo by Kyer Wiltshire Photography


Jade Amazon

"Ascension" by Jade Amazon
Jade Amazon Art


Joness Jones

Joness live painting at Rootwire 2013 in Ohio
Joness Jones Art


"Crystal Castle" by Kaliptus
Kaliptus Art

Martin Cash

"Embrarkment" by Martin Cash
Martin Cash Art

Olga Klimova

"Dialogue" by Olga Klimova
Olga Klimova Art


Silent Stream



WizArt Visions


Outdoor Multimedia Installation

The Puffer Dome

 Interactive Art Project with Eileen Rose and Mike Garger





Noel Yee

Noel Yee aka Noel Tech- Foreways Project, Vulcan Crew
One of the most important figure of the modern flow arts scene, Noel Yee has had a strong hand in the evolution of flow arts culture and always brings a unique understanding of object manipulation to the table. With thousands of students over his eleven years of training, you can’t go wrong with a class from Noel. In addition to his performing career and quality instruction, Noel is part owner and founder of many notable events, performance troops and flow arts companies including Flow Arts Institute, FireDrums, Kinetic Fire, Vulcan Crew, Foreways Project, Vulcan DVDs, Give Props Documentary and more. If it’s insight into the flow arts mindset and culture you seek, or just want to grow your skills and techniques, take a lesson from a seasoned pro.


CoSM Fire Tenders


The CoSM Store and the Mushroom Cafe will be open.

Rooms are available  for rent  in Grey House, CoSM's fully renovated Visionary Victorian guest house.

The artwork of Alex Grey & Allyson Grey plus many other visionary artists are on display in the guest house.

CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 46 Deer Hill Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 click here for directions


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