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CoSM Open

CoSM is now open to the public! Visit us and enjoy our extensive library of books on mysticism and the arts, sip and snack on the patio, and contemplate paintings and sculpture throughout the house and grounds.

Before coming to CoSM be sure to check the event calendar and homepage scroll to make sure we are open.

CoSM's normal hours of business are Friday-Monday from 12pm-6pm.

Hours may vary depending on event. Check specific event page for details!

Event Day Hours:

Full Moon Events: with your hosts Alex & Allyson Grey
For the past ten years, CoSM has had an unbroken chain of monthly Full Moon Gatherings on the Saturday closest to the actual full moon
(click here for dates)

Full Moon Workshop Only:
Doors open at 2:30pm, workshop hours 3pm - 6pm

Full Moon Gathering:
Doors open at 7pm, event hours 7:30 - 1am

Celestial Celebrations: with your hosts Alex & Allyson Grey
Vernal Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumnal Equinox, Deities & Demons Maquerade Ball, Winter Solstice

Celestial Celebration Hours:
Doors open at 7:30, event hours 8pm - 3am

Visionary Salons:

CoSM's Visionary Salon events consist of workshops, performances, presentations and discussions, with leaders in the fields of Art, Consciosness, Spirituality and Music.

Visionary Salon workshop:
Doors open 30 minutes before program begins, 1pm - 6pm or 3pm - 6pm, (Check specific event page for times)

VIsionary Salon Evening Session:
Doors open at 6:30, event hours 7 -10pm

Art Church: with your hosts Alex & Allyson Grey
CoSM has monthly Art Church events which are centered around the philosophy of creativity and art as spiritual practice.
We have a monthly Art & Spirit Service with Alex & Allyson, and also the occasional Art Church with art making as the focus, supported by wonderful music from live musicians.

Art Church with Art & Spirit Service: 
Doors open 12:30pm. event hours 1pm - 6pm

Art Church with Musical Performance:
Doors 12:30pm, event hours 1pm - 4pm



Art at CoSM features works by Alex Grey and Allyson Grey and includes the creations of many other visionary artists. Recently installed at Grey House is Alex Grey's,"Cosmic Christ," a painting with exquisitely hand-carved and painted frame. Clearly one of Grey's most accomplished works, "Cosmic Christ" illuminates the story of humanity inscribed in a web of fire and eyes. Gracing CoSM's meadow is a major sculpture by Kate Raudenbush entitled "Altered States." Created for Burning Man 2008, this white lace interactive masterwork of laser cut cold rolled steel, stands three stories high. Other artworks on display inside Grey House, the visionary Victorian, include bronzes by Sukhi Barber, a resin suspension collage made especially for CoSM by Sebastian Wahl, a large bronze dreamcatcher by Grant Standard, plus paintings by Randal Roberts, Joness Jones and more. 
Walk the Wisdom Trail designed by a team of earth sculptors like Tim "the Wizard" Mundy and Oscar, "the One-man Army."  Nature Hogan leads CoSM volunteers each summer in creating human sized nests and special natural features along the walk and throughout the land.
The Mushroom Cafe serves delicious wraps, mushroom soup and paninis, great coffee and teas, local kombucha, desserts featuring vegan and gluten-free options, and more. Treat your eyes to the ongoing Mushroom Cafe mural with contributions by Alex and Allyson, Joness Jones, Amanda Sage, Michael Divine, Randal Roberts,  Burgandy Viscosi, Adam Scott Miller, and many of our favorite visionary painters. The Mushroom Cafe mural, only the first such collaborative artwork at CoSM, is continually growing like mycelium.

CoSM Shop offers posters and prints by Alex Grey and Allyson Grey along with affordable representations of the work by invited visionary artists. A finely curated selection of mystic icon stickers, greeting cards, and calendars, plus clothing, books, jewelry, gifts and educational items make CoSM Shop a fun place to browse and buy. All proceeds support temple building at CoSM. 
Overnight accommodations can be reserved in Grey House, CoSM's fully renovated Visionary Victorian guest facility. Bring a sketchbook or journal and anticipate a personal longing to be creative while visiting CoSM.
For room bookings on event dates, please contact our Hospitality Department directly via email  - [email protected], or by calling 845-297-2323 ext 104



Many of you know that, for five years, CoSM was a vital center for visionary art and culture in Manhattan that closed in 2009 after finding the perfect site to build the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, a historic 40 acre retreat center in the Hudson Valley of New York.  CoSM’s heroic team beautifully restored three buildings on the property, the office, the studio, and the guest house, to hold ceremonies, events and workshops. But sadly, the attraction that drew tens of thousands of visitors in Manhattan, the inspiring installation of art, is still wrapped in storage.

The time has come to bring the paintings back. Our plan is to build a permanent exhibition space for these iconic artworks along with paintings and sculpture by some of the most accomplished mystic creators of our time. This home for visionary painting and sculpture, performance and dance, will be a destination you can visit anytime of year to commune with and contemplate the art, now and for generations to come. That transformative environment will be called ENTHEON, a place to discover the creator within.

After two years of working with the Wappinger Town Planners and the Rhinebeck Bank, construction of Entheon, the visionary art experience, has begun at CoSM. New technologies in 3D scanning, modeling and printing are being utilized to bring this unique architectural design to life.


Alex & Allyson showing some guests the Entheon site

3D Entheon Model (Concept & Design by Alex Grey, Digitally Sculpted by Ryan Tottle)

We need your help to create CoSM’s most ambitious project to date. Estimated cost of construction, complete with all the required amenities of a two-story building (including elevator, bathrooms, parking and paved road with lighting) will be over $1.5 Million Dollars. The bank is offering a loan hundreds of thousands dollars short of what is needed to completely finance this extraordinary sculpture that is a building.

Build Entheon with us by going to the Entheon page and then plan to come and see the temple of art that you helped to build.

Alex and Allyson


Weekend hours will be subject to change, especially on event days, so check for updates.
Or call CoSM --  845-297-2323.

Rooms are available for rent in Grey House, CoSM's fully renovated Visionary Victorian guest house.

CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 46 Deer Hill Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 
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