Pre-Full Moon Workshop: Sacred Serpents in the Year of the Water Snake


  • $65.00




Sacred Serpents in the Year of the Water Snake
with Serpentessa

Saturday, November 16th, 2013 - 3pm - 6pm

Full Day Ticket $65 / $70 at the Door
(Workshop, Dinner & Full Moon Admission)

Come enjoy a journey with a powerful yet gentle live Serpent that connects you belly to belly with the birthing waters of Mother Earth. Snake medicine journeys are one of the most ancient and direct ritual paths to transformation. 
~  Snake handling orientation provided.
~  No prior Snake knowledge necessary.
~  Solo & group interaction with Snakesss.
~  Photos with Snake for keepsake.
Benefits -   
1.  For some people it is their first exposure to a real Snake 
2.  Overcoming a fear of Snakes  
3.  Awakening to cellular memory or reconciling with one
4.  Acknowledging the Serpent as a potential power source or spirit guide 
5.  Meditative tool and/or transformative experience  
For all people it is a unique and rare experience to encounter a wild chthonic creature who is associated with the mythologies of every culture in a safe and guided environment.  For to journey with a Serpent is to experience a living umbilical cord that connects your personal mythology within that of the collective Divine.


An established modern day Snake Priestess, Serpentessa has been rebirthing the ancient Serpent Wisdom into the world today through the teachings of her live gentle Snakes for over 20 years. Her Boa Constrictors are very good-natured around multitudes of people and occasions. The health and welfare of her Snakes are of paramount importance.

There is always a powerful response to a Snake!

Serpentessa specializes in reading peoples' body language and respecting individuals' boundaries during any experience with her Snakes. The blessing of the commonly known "Red tail" boa constrictor snake is in its willingness to be our healer up close and personal.





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