CoSM's Full Moon Winter Solstice Celestial Celebration


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CoSM's Full Moon Winter Solstice Celestial Celebration

Saturday December 21st, 2013, 8pm - 3am

$30 online / $40 at the door



With your hosts Alex Grey & Allyson Grey


Music Line-up



                        Berkeley, California based electronic producer Jake Atlas, aka Thriftworks, offers up his own fresh, outsider styleweaving eclectic samples and explosive modern bass that is continually pushing boundaries and taking the art ofbeat crafting to new heights. Garnering much praise from fans and critics alike with his steady stream of new material,Thriftworks is quickly becoming known as one of the finest up and coming experimental producers with his outside ofthe box sound and unclassifiable style. Thriftworks’ use of deep low-end and wall to wall synths seem to channel something ancient and mysterious, offering up an intoxicating musical high with an invigorating breath of fresh air.These sounds activate the senses, enrapture the mind, move the body and leave audiences begging for more.

Booking- [email protected]

Management- [email protected], [email protected]


Perfecting the art of audio alchemy, Oakland based dj/producer Michael Anderson Lapp aka MiHKAL is quite possibly one of the westcoast’s best kept secrets. Notorious for his emotionally charged, melodically driven, bass heavy mixes, remixes & live performances, he provides dancers & listeners a sonic vehicle of transformation from which their own creative expressions can emerge. Equipped with an ear for euphonic pleasure & the ability to seamlessly weave, poly-tempo, multi-genre sound tapestries on the fly, MiHKAL can provide the soundtrack of the moment. The intention he puts behind every show shines through, providing a personable unique experience to every live performance. Since his debut in 2008, Mihkal has been gaining wide recognition in the EDM community …With no signs of slowing down in 2013, catch him elevating dancefloors from SF to Burning Man…Pushing buttons & audio boundaries with sexy soundscapes, high energy performances & unconditional bass love.
Booking/Management: [email protected]

AKARA (DJ set)


Akara is a symphony for the post-digital age.  Elegant classical composition combined with detailed psychedelic production; mystical, devotional vocals with lyrics beyond language combined with deep synth bass.  Akara's music is a genre entirely its own.  Independent of dance music trends without being unaware of them, Akara combines fragments of Baroque and Medieval music, twentieth-century minimalist music, Indian classical, and gamelan, with psydub, glitch-hop, dubstep, and downtempo grooves.

Fully composed for and recorded with a small classical orchestra of top-notch players, and featuring the ethereal vocals of Femke Weidema, Akara's sound is a high-quality, cinematic, intelligent musical journey through consciousness.

Akara is created and curated by Joshua Penman, an award-winning composer with performances in Carnegie Hall, by seventeen full orchestras, and by choruses, bands, and chamber ensembles around the world. Joshua has also scored five films, holds a doctorate in classical composition, played in Balinese and Sundanese gamelans, and studied ragas in India with master vocalist Devashish Dey.

The name Akara comes from the Indonesian words for "root or vine" and "ritual or performance" and the energy of the project is inspired by the trance rituals of Bali, the shamanic ceremonies of the Amazon, and the new visionary art and culture of Burning Man and the West Coast festival scene.
Onstage, in its largest incarnation, Akara is seven musicians and a laptop, along with a troupe of dancers and performers. Akara's stage show represents a new kind of ritual performance for our postmodern, soundsystem age. At home on headphones, or whenever you close your eyes, Akara is a new kind of ritual performance for your mind.

Akara has performed at many of the premiere US visionary festivals, including Symbiosis, Lightning in a Bottle, Sonic Bloom, Rootwire, Burning Man, and more.


Omisco, better known as A.J. Maylander, has always been engulfed with a strong passion for music. Growing up on long island, N.Y. yet spending most of his time in the five boroughs, he quickly became immersed with the eclectic sounds of the city. A self taught drummer since age ten naturally helped pave the way for his transition from analogue to digital music. Picking up turntablism in 2009, he quickly became notorious in the underground party/rave scene of new york city for his refreshingly innovative live sets. Playing genres varying from deep/tech/disco house - midtempo/postdubstep, you can always expect to be left guessing on what's coming next during one of his DJ sets. Focused solely on production since 2011, Omisco is now set to release various projects he has had in the works in the next coming months!

Contact info: Omisco is A.J. Maylander
All inquiries can be sent directly to [email protected] or [email protected]
Currently Omisco is an independent artist.


Interview link :

Lux Moderna

Lux Moderna is a sonically-oriented alchemical priestess in service to ritual, performance and community. She is an artist that embodies and expresses her divine gifts in order to elevate others into their own embodiment of Truth. 

As a star rising on the West Coast, Lux has inspired and uplifted witnesses through her voice, her music, ceremony and yoga at transformational festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle, Envision, Sonic Bloom, Shambhala, Burning Man and beyond. 

Lux Moderna artistically transmutes sound, light and consciousness into experiences of activation and resonance. Lux dedicates her being to a conscious, heart-centered experiential approach to facilitating mass entrainment with the creative essence of the universe.




DJ Cloüd

DJ Cloüd began her career in 1995, in the underground rave scene of Manhattan's east village. After returning to Miami, where she grew up, she had a regular set at her friend and mentor DJ Fitz's pirate radio station 101.1 FM "Radio Bajo Tierra" which ran for two years in South Florida. During this time, she learned to play electronic instruments (Novation Bass Station, 808 drum machine, and synthesizers) as well as Doumbek Middle-Eastern drum, percussion, flute, didgeridoo, and mouth harp.

She moved back to New York City a few years later, after refining her skills at many drum circles, open mikes, freestyle jams, underground clubs, experimental performances and after parties.
Connecting with Alex & Allyson Grey in 2002 during the creation of what is now the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) she became a resident DJ (and gallery manager) during their time in Manhattan. CoSM has since moved to Wappinger's Falls, upstate NY, where she often plays sets for their ongoing Solstice events. She also plays original music (FormaMentis, her solo electro-fusion project) and helps produce shows. She's often the opening performer for Miami's Legendary yearly Art Basel Party held at Moksha Family's Art Collective, Seventh Circuit Studios in Little Haiti the first weekend in December. She helped Co-Produce Hip Gnosis, a conscious hip hop event in the Lower East Side of NY held in 2011 at The Living Theatre, which included many up & coming visionary artists doing live painting, massage therapists, and kombucha on tap to perpetuate a health conscious vibe. She is currently collaborating on events with Alessandra Belloni (tambourine master performer/singer/theater director voted best female percussionist by Drum Magazine) and is expanding her multi-instrumental musical repertoire to include a fusion of electronic music and traditional acoustic instruments integrated in symbiosis of sound. 

Contact: [email protected]


FB fan page:üd/63004823604


Djedi (pronounced "Jedi") is a San Francisco based DJ, owner of the sacred geometry crystal-infused clothing line “Original Language,” and co-founder of a conscious living collective, called “The Center SF”– a community space for education, healing, and special events.

Originally from New York, he was consumed and inspired by West Coast electronic artists upon moving to California in 2009. With an educational background in philosophy, religion, cosmology and consciousness, he has learned to see the world through a geometric vibrational framework, making music a powerful tool for transformative experiences of body, mind and spirit.

Spending countless hours meticulously selecting only the finest quality tunes, delivering to the dance floor a genre of music described as “Laser Soul.” That is, bass music with each track having its own personality, character and emotive quality weaved together into a truly captivating sound experience. By bringing together his laser soul beats, Original Language and ability to teach Unified Field Theory workshops, DJEDi is quickly making himself an essential member of festivals, events and beyond.

Mix if you want to share one:

Franky Helix


Franky Helix, aka FTG, is a visual artist and electronic music dj/producer who was born and raised in the tropical flatlands of South Florida, Miami. He currently resides in Northern California.

Franky developed a passion for electronic music in the early 90s after attending several electronic music parties. He started djing in 1998 playing downtempo IDM, Breaks and Oldschool Electro. Early influences were Jona Sharp with Space Time Continuum, Autechre, FSOL, Boards of Canada, Higher Intelegence Agency,  and Plaid.  

He started off playing numerous underground venues and events throughout Miami and South Florida. In 2005 he teamed up with The Moksha Family Artist collective and became the resident DJ for their epic annual Art Basel event and many other Moksha parties. Franky has shared the stage with wold class musical artists such as Bluetech, Phuture Primitive, Random Rab,  and Tipper.

His beats have been described as beautifully deep with an ethereal vibe joined together by bass and danceable funk; the muzak for the UFOs of the future. He is known for cruising through different musical styles with ease, from IDM to ambient, Psydub, Mystic Bass and even HipHop, perhaps forging the way into his own new genres. His priority is to keep people's ears on the edge and exploring new soundscapes.

Sound Cloud:

Franky Helix Mix:


Live Painting

Alex Grey & Allyson Grey

The Bridge Brothers

Jeremie Zook


Martin Cash


Joness Jones


Ken Zeltakalns


Emily Kell


Deciduous Pupils

As a way to further explore the world of visual arts, Keith Tokarski(Takyon) and Benjamin Cooke(Silent Stream) teamed together in 2012. After performing separately for many years, Takyon and Silent Stream solidified a 2-man visual performance group, Deciduous Pupils. Deciduous Pupils has had the opportunity to perform for a multitude of different talented artists and bands such as Ott , LTJ Bukem , Immortal Technique, Jumbie Art, Abakus, Phutureprimitive, Space Jesus and Lazy Rich…just to name a few. They have performed the visuals for the Disco Biscuits New Year’s run after party, the Silent Disco at Camp Bisco 2013 as well as several other festivals throughout the east coast. With the utmost experience and mastery of their craft, and a focus on creating all original artwork with live improvised performance, Deciduous Pupils is continuing to shock the minds of those around them as they bring the viewers visual perception to a new dimension throughout the East Coast.




Fire Performance


Fayzah Fire is a multidisciplinary international performer. Her own “World + Street Styles Dance Method©” blends elements of  World Dance styles, Popping, Waving, Hip Hop, & Groove theory. She is an accredited Tribal-Fusion dancer, Fire performer, Argentine Tango dancer, innovator of Tango-Bellydance Fusion, and DJ. She also works with healing arts & trance dance, & is influenced by ocean creatures, (both real and fantasy).
More info:




Sarah Jezebel


Sand Mandala - Interactive Art Project

With Eileen Rose and Mike Garger

Palm Readings

Cat McGuire


The CoSM Store and the Mushroom Cafe will be open.

Rooms are available  for rent  in Grey House, CoSM's fully renovated Visionary Victorian guest house.

The artwork of Alex Grey & Allyson Grey plus many other visionary artists are on display in the guest house.

CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, 46 Deer Hill Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590 click here for directions


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