Art Church with Isaac Abrams & Paul McMahon


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MARCH 10th, 2013 - CoSM's ART CHURCH with special guests, Isaac Abrams and Paul McMahon

Isaac Abrams was born and raised in the New York area. He is a self-taught artist with an academic background in literature, history, science and psychology. He founded the first gallery of Psychedelic Art in the world in 1965. He began working as a self-taught painter in the beginning of 1966. He began working as a sculptor in the 1970's. He began extensive work as an animation artist in 1981. He has always painted

Abrams was the former owner of Coda Gallery. The Coda Gallery was noted for its introduction of Psychedelic Art into the mainstream of American media consciousness. Abrams studied in Austria under the tutelage of Ernst Fuchs whose school and method of painting runs in an unbroken line of students and teachers from Albrecht Durer to the present. Dr. Fuchs' techniques and artistic concepts were profoundly stimulating. Abrams remained in Vienna an additional six months.

Mr. Abrams showed his work in Munich at the Gallery Hartmann and in Vienna at the Gallery Ariadne. Returning to the U.S. in 1973, he moved to upstate New York where he isolated himself for a period of experiment and development in the areas of painting, graphics and video. He also moved into a new area of self-expression: sculpture.

In 1975, Mr. Abrams went to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where working at the Shidoni foundry, he completed the development of the vocabulary of his new sculptural work.

Returning to New York City in 1976, Mr. Abrams established himself as an up-and-coming artist whose work is remarkable both for its technical quality and vision.

He begins his work with a series of loosely conceived juxtapositions and then discovers in those juxtapositions the metaphysical and cosmic concepts which are so often expressed in his art.

His works are sudden leaps into unknown spaces, into free-floating gravityless existences, where angels and demons, concepts and conceptions appear and disappear, where paradoxes proliferate and where each viewing of the painting may bring to the viewer a new and different cross combination of the ele- ments within.

His intentions are to create a painting viewable at any distance from inches to yards or dozens of yards; a piece having a vital life which is not dependent on a single point of view or a single conception of what was within.

A Jungian psychoanalyst, for example, has said that Mr. Abrams' works relate to certain archetypical experiences which are often seen in the dreams and fantasies of her patients; a physicist sees various assertions of the latest thinking about the gravitational effects of large bodies on space, time and the "shape" of the universe.

A biologist may see animals, or microbes, which seem to illustrate his own work. For many people, their concept perception of what Mr. Abrams does is based upon what they themselves are doing.

Mr. Abrams feels that he is an open channel. His work is not limited by his own knowledge. He is open to third forces; the first being himself, the second being the painting; and the third being the forces of unconscious cross-connection of all thoughts into one great mind. Having experienced this unity of all thought forms into the one thought form, Mr. Abrams is capable of reaching into the many areas of human experience, to snatch from the pool of the collective consciousness of all minds, extraordinarily acute perceptions.

Walking Through Oneness - Oil on Canvas

Isaac Abrams Website: - video 1 -  video 2


Paul McMahon is one of Woodstock's favorite singer-songwriters. But depending on who you ask he may be better known for his TV and radio work as the Rock&Roll Therapist and incompetent white break dancer,  Duelling One-Liners with Soupy Sales, artwork from the Pictures Generation years, his stints with Army of Love, Naked, A BAND, Daily Life, Artist Space, Party Club, Project Inc, Knitting Factory, Dharmaware Cafe and Woodstock Mothership.

McMahon moved to Woodstock in 1990 on a spiritual search for the source of irony. Feeling that mankind's problems stem from IDD (Intention Deficit Disorder) he uses many tricks and stunts but mostly songwriting and singing in public to supplement irony deprived diets. and usually it works pretty good. His focus since the 80s has been on healing himself with song and relieving the suffering of all sentient beans.

Performance artist Linda Mary Montano sometimes lip-synchs alongside him, practicing his persona.

His tenth and current album, 2012's  HYMN TO HER, is a love letter to the Goddess in all of us. It's been called, "a stripped-down...recording, highlighting McMahon’s heavyweight musical assets: an assured, second-nature self-accompaniment on acoustic guitar and a rangy, agreeable voice with sweet spots in all registers...To say that McMahon weaves together sacred and profane, timeless and topical doesn’t quite do justice to the spontaneous grace and high-resolution detail of the tapestry."  -Hudson Valley Almanac

From a musical family he explored folk, jug, blues and rock before abandoning his guitar at 20 for a fling with conceptual art, re-emerging at 27 as a No Wave singer-songwriter. Thus began a long oddysey through bands and solo performance in search of the real real deal; the songs becoming a musical diary of a psychological healing process whose catharses opened seamlessly into spiritual experience, shamanism and eventual ordination as an Interfaith minister.

Occasionally alleged to be King of the Universe he nonetheless delivers mail on Saturdays in Woodstock as he looks forward to entering the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest person to launch a world class musical career.

A great entertainer!  - Dan Graham, artist

Haunted by clarity, he carries the circle, his voice contains the seed sound. - Joseph Rael, shaman, spiritual healer/teacher, author

"Paul has written some of the most beautiful love songs of our times and he can sing them with tenderness, passion and humor. He is simply one of my favorite singers and songwriters and performers alive today. Without Paul McMahon's songs in my life the world would really be a dark and difficult place."   - Sharon Gannon, Jivamukti Yoga School co-founder

"...a bad__s m__________r."    - John Burdick,  Hudson Valley Almanac

Paul McMahon Website:     youtube video 1     youtube video 2


Bring your own art supplies for the most enjoyment.
A sketch book and colored pencils, pens or a watercolor set is plenty.
Paper and markers are available.

$15 online tickets / at the door
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The CoSM Store and the Mushroom Cafe will be open.

Rooms are available for rent in our fully renovated Victorian Mansion.

Many originals and reproductions of Alex & Allyson Grey's artwork are on display in the guest house.

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